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De Weldige Interior is an interior design studio founded by Philipp Hildebrand.

With a special love for historical architecture and traditional decoration techniques, Philipp Hildebrand combines styles and objects from different eras to create a new, timeless design.

“I strive to design interiors that do not age over the years, but rather have a timeless elegance and radiate a certain magical something. I love combining antique and modern elements and mixing colors, patterns and textures together as if they had grown together over the years. What is particularly important to me is comfortable interior spaces that are tailored to the needs of the customer and that also harmonize with the house.

I would like to invite you to contact me, regardless of whether it is just a one-off piece, such as a chandelier, or a large interior design project. You are always welcome.

Interior Design, Arts & Antiques

rare decanters and chrystal bowls with extravagant floral arrangements antique chandelier antique column and bust antique lamp antique head floral arrangement


Philipp Hildebrand

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